Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A change of direction

I've re-read this blog a few times recently, and moreover it just seems to have been identikit regurgitated press releases and tune/mix giveaways.

In the spirit of progression, I'm changing the tone of the blog. Original pieces, no reposts (unless it's something really good), and a more distinctive air about it.

What this space.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

[Tune/Mix] Ex Far Too Louder : Neurodriver DJ mix (breaks)

DJ mix by Broken Robot manager and former FAR TOO LOUD-er Dom Smart aka NEURODRIVER.


1) OOOD – Oddball (Broken Robot)
2) Hedflux – Revolve (Broken Robot CDR)
3) Subliminal System – In The Borough, Monk3ylogic Remix (Broken Robot CDR)
4) Forty Fingerz – Dinoshark (Italo Business)
5) Neurodriver – Teleport (CDR)
6) Lee Coombs – Light & Dark, Neurodriver Remix (Lot49)
7) Vandal – Big Dog, Elite Force remix (Benefit)
8)Neurodriver – Church of the Plasma Christ (Flying Rhino Digital)
9) Neurodriver – Snake Charmer (Broken Robot)
10) Loops of Fury – Pump Up, Vandal Remix (U&A)
11) Neurodriver – Trompeta (Broken Robot CDR)
12) Neurodriver – Battledroid (Broken Robot CDR)


New release "Snake Charmer" is available to buy here

Thursday, 14 October 2010

La Roux ft. Kanye West...


Used to have respect for La Roux. Whilst some of her music was, at times, a poor imitation of what Les Rhythmes Digitales was doing back when I was still at college, at least she spoke her mind and slated the commercial mainstream acts who got drawn into the celebrity DJing/doing guest spots on 'dance' mixes/released remixes with famous rappers featuring.

Now, in the last couple of months she's put out a mixtape with Major Lazer, done guest DJing slots including Bestival, and has now done this collab with 2nd Coming Of Hip Hop himself.

Artistic expression, or milking it for all it's worth?

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

[Tune/Mix] Jargon V.A Ft Killa P ‘Crime Scene’

To celebrate the release of Jargon V.A Ft Killa P ‘Crime Scene’ Jargon V.A Ft Narstie ‘Shottah’ a double whammy from hot new UK production duo JARGON V.A. featuring 2 of the UK’s hottest grime vocalists they are giving away a free track, video and DJ mix !!!!
Their next release features Tinie Tempah and a scorching High Rankin remix ..and they’ve only gone and got Ms Dynamite on their forthcoming album!

Jargon VA Ft Killa P Crime Scene.mp3

Jargon V.A. DJ MIX

Track List:

1. Crime Scene VIP - Jargon V.A (Cheese on Bread Records)
2. Play Di Ting - Bare Traina' (White Label)
3. Round and Round (Jargon V.A Dub) - Storm (Cheese On Bread Records)
4. Rat Alert - Jan Driver (Made To Play)
5. Whos Dat Lighty - Ramzee (Cheese On Bread Records)
6. Geek 2 - Jargon V.A (Cheese On Bread Records)
7. It Kills Me (Breakage Remix) - Melanie Fiona (SRC/Universal Motown)
8. Oi Instrumental - More Fire Crew (Go Beat!)
9. Got 2 Know - Flux Pavillion (Circus Records)
10. Neighbourhood - Zed Bias (Locked On)
11. Never Gonna Let You Go - Tina Moore (Delirious)
12. One Blood - Junior Reid (J.R Productions)
13. If We Ever - High Contrast (Hospital Records)
14. Last Jungle - Sub Focus (Ram Records)
15. Crime Scene - Jargon V.A Ft Killa P (Cheese On Bread Records)
16. My 808s - Matty G (Dub Police)
17. Katy On A Mission - Katy B (Rinse Recordings)
18. Love Is Real - Rusko (Sub Soldiers)
19. Disappoint You Instrumental - Jargon V.A (Cheese On Bread Records)


[Tune] Nick Thayer 'Gonna Getcha' / Duck Sauce 'Barbra Streisand rmx'

A few months back Nick Thayer released his debut album 'Just Let It Go' on Aquasky’s label Passenger

The album itself was nominated for 'Best Electronic / Dance Album' at the Australian Independent Record Awards. Around the time of the release, Nick made available the parts to the killer single 'Gonna Getcha' to anyone who wanted them. Some killer remixes came back, and Nick has even done a new VIP himself.

Here's the pick of the bunch. ALL FOR FREE 320 DOWNLOAD. As a special added bonus there's also a huge remix Nick did of DUCK SAUCE's new single 'BARBRA STREISAND' also for FREE.




Monday, 27 September 2010


It would seem that T-Power (him of Shake Ur Body) has had something of an identiy crisis, and is now putting out breaks tunes under the name Mr Sofalumpkins. Ordinarily, this kind of behaviour would have you sectioned (or at least get you a Sunday afternoon set at Bestival), but it just so happens that the productions are pretty damn spot on.

His new release "The Masquerade EP" is out now, and can be found here. Also, we have very kindly been donated this quite frankly lovely MIA bootleg, together with a DJ mix.

Mr. Sofalumpkins – Mia ‘Sunflowers’ (bootleg Rmx)

Mr Sofalumpkinks DJ Mix

1. Massive Flailing Retard - Mr. Sofalumpkins
2. Relaxing Smoke Of Crack - Mr. Sofalumpkins
3. Forgot About Dre [bootleg] - Mr. Sofalumpkins
4. Day The Funk Died - Mr. Sofalumpkins
5. Coldstone Party - Dr. Funkinchunkin
6. The Nebulizer - Dr. Funkinchunkin
7. By The Way [bootleg] - Mr. Sofalumpkins
8. Get With This [remix] - Mr. Sofalumpkins
9. Same Thang [remix] - Mr. Sofalumpkins
10. Free From Sin - Dr. Funkinchunkin
11. Calabi-Yau - Mr. Sofalumpkins
12. El Sonido Nuevo - Mr. Sofalumpkins
13. Pandas & Englishmen - Mr. Sofalumpkins
14. Nechromatic - Mr. Sofalumpkins
15. Ruthless - Mr. Sofalumpkins


Monday, 20 September 2010

[Mix] Lazer Sword - The 808 Mix Tape (Global bass)


t’s pretty obvious in most songs included in this mix (some songs not so obvious) that it was fully inspired by the infamous Roland TR-808 Drum Machine. After all, the one and only Sir Mix-A-Lot said it himself, “The 808 kick drum make the girlies get dumb” which should be reason enough. The 808 has without a doubt been the most popular and favorited drum machine in hip-hop and dance music since the beginning and it really just never gets old.

Clearly the 808 is being embraced even more in modern day electronic and dance music. Producers are getting quite creative with it’s sounds. They’re experimenting more, breaking the boundaries of the conventional kick, snare, hi hat patterns and loosely creating complex rhythms, showcasing other 808 percussion sounds like the clave for a hi hat or a tom replacing the kick and these new approaches are definitely represented throughout the mix.


1. Space Dimension Controller “SH-8040″
2. Girl Unit “Shade On”
3. 214 “Why Don’t You”
4. Ramadanman “Glut”
5. Cybotron “Clear”
6. Jacques Greene “Holdin On” (unreleased)
7. Machinedrum “808 Wonders Of The World”
8. AC Slater “Take You ft. Ninjasonik (Lazer Sword Remix)”
9. Bok Bok “Crew (Instrumental)”
10. Sepalcure “Love Pressure (Lando Kal Remix)”
11. Distal “Apple Bottom”
12. Lando Kal “Moist” (unreleased)
13. Dj Oddz “Blade Runner (Instrumental)”
14. Zakee Kuduro ft. Anbuley “Sane Eba”
15. Lazer Sword “Web Swag”
16. Sir Mix-A-Lot “Posse On Broadway”
17. Lazer Sword “I’m Gone ft. Turf Talk (Low Limit Remix)”
18. Krystal Klear “Anteater”
19. Dopplereffekt “Infophysix”


Lazer Sword homepage