Tuesday, 27 April 2010

[Mix] iPad DJing returns

The lovely Rana continues her iPad mixing odyssey first profiled here to deliver us a 13min mix;

Destroy The Silence Vol 1 - mixed by Rana

In her own words;

"This was made using one iPad, one 1/8th-1/8th cable, a Presonus USB audio interface (which I ditched about 10 minutes into making this and went directly to line-in) and Logic Studio recorded on a MacBook Pro. That's it. I EQ'ed my vocal at the end and had the sample of the computerized voice on my Mac. No other mastering was done on this mix."

Roland 303/909 pillows

A healthy level of retro/audio geek air is present here. Yes, they do look very cool. But EUR 99? Ouch.




Giant Pussy continue their drive to bring us the sleaziest electro house cuts around with this rather spiffing issue from Felguk;

Full track can be found here

And the boys from Brazil have been kind enough to drop a mix tape for us as well;


1 - Felguk - Buzz Me - Rework - BugEyed Recs
2 - Neelix - Disco Decay - Felguk Remix - BugEyed Recs
3 - Felguk feat Sporty-O - 2Nite - Original Mix - Giant Pussy Recs
4 - Felguk - Keep Keeping - Original Mix - BugEyed Recs
5 - Felguk - Side by Side - Original Mix - BugEyed Recs
6 - The Doxis vs Plumo - Nordlicht - JELO Remix - BugEyed Recs
8 - Crookers vs Fatboy Slim - Love to Praise You - Felguk Mashup -Unreleased
9 - Felguk vs Spencer & Hill - Fingertips - Felguk Mix - BugEyed Recs
10 - Hardy Waks vs Mr.X - Records Back - Electrixx Mix
11 - Madonna - Celebration - Felguk Love Remix - Warner Bros Recs

Download here


[Tune] Mike Lennon 'Brass Eye' (RESO REMIX) Z Audio

Ahead of his new mix, entitled "Reso - In The Mix" (see what they've done there), Reso has been kind enough to give away this rather nifty mix of Mike Lennon for free;

Mike Lennon 'Brass Eye' (RESO REMIX) Z Audio


The tracklisting on In The Mix is pretty much a who's who of purveyors of Reso's style of glitched up breaksy dubstep;


Riskotheque /Hex
Bar 9 (Nero rmx) /Shaolin style
BareNoize /Nocturnal
Proper Tings (16 Bit Rmx)/ Babylon's Scared
Bar 9 /Faded
501 /Favourite Sin
Rob Sparx /Sludge
Reso & I.D /Shifty
Hektagon /Tokyo
Mike Lennon (Reso Rmx) /Brass Eye
Synkro /Music Makers
Soul Sinners/ Streamlined
L.O.W /One Chance
F1 (Kromestar Rmx)/ Swagga
Mode /Fight Night
501 /Back Up
Riskoteque/ Heaven & Hell
Nero /Go Back
Numbernin6/ Nebulous
Synkro /Angels
Gabriele Carasco (Vivek Rmx) /Adamant
Synkro & Faib /Inhale
Reso & I.D /Torvus
Bar 9 /Strung Out
Bar 9 (Riskoteheque Rmx) /Murda Sound
Reso /Technetium
Nero Night /Thunder
TRG (EmaiKay Rmx) /Killed It Dead
Mike Lennon (Riskoteque Rmx) /Mechanism Test
Nero (Rob sparx Rmx) /Bad Trip
Mode /Play
Synkro /You Don't Know

And can be purchased at any one of these fine online stores;



Wednesday, 21 April 2010

[YouTube] The first ever iPad DJ?

It was only a matter of time before Job's latest folly was taken upon in this way I suppose;

This is using 2 x iPads, a VST version of Korg's electribe series and a basic mixer to demonstrate the ease of use of DJing in this way.

It's a nice idea and overall a really exciting video if you're geek minded. Good to see people using the iPad as a workable alternative to The Lemur, at a fraction of the price.

You can follow Rana's stuff more on her Twitter and Blog