Monday, 27 September 2010


It would seem that T-Power (him of Shake Ur Body) has had something of an identiy crisis, and is now putting out breaks tunes under the name Mr Sofalumpkins. Ordinarily, this kind of behaviour would have you sectioned (or at least get you a Sunday afternoon set at Bestival), but it just so happens that the productions are pretty damn spot on.

His new release "The Masquerade EP" is out now, and can be found here. Also, we have very kindly been donated this quite frankly lovely MIA bootleg, together with a DJ mix.

Mr. Sofalumpkins – Mia ‘Sunflowers’ (bootleg Rmx)

Mr Sofalumpkinks DJ Mix

1. Massive Flailing Retard - Mr. Sofalumpkins
2. Relaxing Smoke Of Crack - Mr. Sofalumpkins
3. Forgot About Dre [bootleg] - Mr. Sofalumpkins
4. Day The Funk Died - Mr. Sofalumpkins
5. Coldstone Party - Dr. Funkinchunkin
6. The Nebulizer - Dr. Funkinchunkin
7. By The Way [bootleg] - Mr. Sofalumpkins
8. Get With This [remix] - Mr. Sofalumpkins
9. Same Thang [remix] - Mr. Sofalumpkins
10. Free From Sin - Dr. Funkinchunkin
11. Calabi-Yau - Mr. Sofalumpkins
12. El Sonido Nuevo - Mr. Sofalumpkins
13. Pandas & Englishmen - Mr. Sofalumpkins
14. Nechromatic - Mr. Sofalumpkins
15. Ruthless - Mr. Sofalumpkins


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