Monday, 28 June 2010

[Mix] Skream Live @ Glastonbury (dubstep)

Broadcast live on BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix from Glastonbury 2010, 26th June.

No tracklisting available yet

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

[Mix] Black Noise - Control The Groove

The south coast bass barons have dropped a fierce mix, showcasing their on form remixes. Enjoy;


1.kid kenobi -breakers revenge- dcup remix
2.wizards sleeve –get down tonight accapella (exclusive)
3.tom piper & destroy disco - bender - (nom de strip remix )
4.temple of boom -definition of
5.sam young feat aphletik -hee - sam rockwell mix
6.crookers - we love animals - keith and supabeatz remix - southern fried gorillaz - superfast jelly fish - evil nine remix noise - control the groove – (exclusive)
8.cassius 99 – reset! remix
9.will bailey and punk rolla - kata - simma records
10.wizards sleeve - me plus you accpella
11.hatiras - spaced invader - nom de strip remix noise - speaker buster – (exclusive)
13.the future heads - heartbeat song - black noise remix
14.lars moston - so sick - nick supply re boot
15.will bailey - hit da club - calvertron remix - simma
16.heavy feet - saving me - black noise remix